Schwarte Processing

Schwarte Processing is one of the market and technology leaders in Europe as regards tank and apparatus building for the storage and processing of liquid foods and other sensitive substances. Our product portfolio includes high-quality steel storage and process tanks of various sizes right up to large silos which we can produce entirely vertically in our silo tower. Apart from our tanks, we also produce apparatus for many different processes like e.g. fermentation or sterilisation, which we also implement in existing production structures. The construction of tank heads of different types and sizes rounds off our varied offer. On a production area of 70,000 m2, we have over 250 employees of all disciplines – from engineering to metal processing and service and maintenance - at our Polish locations in Olsztyn, Koszalin and in Valpovo, Croatia. Which also makes it possible for us to realise large projects within a short time, right down to the construction of complex special solutions, and to continue to provide a professional service to your company also after completion of the project.

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